Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Adam Eron Welch (b. November 13, 1977 in Concord, NH) has no formal education or instruction in studio art, holds no degrees or awards, has received no acclaim or press coverage, is not affiliated with any organizations or clubs, has not participated in any festivals or competitions, has never been juried or had his portfolio reviewed by a panel of experts, and has never seriously exhibited anywhere. Adam use to spray paint on subway cars on the Red Line at South Station in Boston and run from the police.

Adam dislikes standing in line, being on hold, fluorescent lights, grapefruit, clich├ęs, people who complain about weather, cilantro, speed bumps, bad manners, germs, public toilettes, domestic flights, advertising, interruptions, large crowds, repetitive noises, loss of control and unsolicited advice. Adam loves Spanish guitar, stinky cheese, Port, November, any form of feasting, hot coffee, cold beer, big fires, dive pubs, bocce, old books, grand obsessional walks, dinner guests, hot peppers, splitting wood, witty humor, waterfalls, charcuterie, live orchestral music, fresh seafood, thunderstorms, big mountains, road trips, happy hour, swimming naked, Chopin, trains, al pastor tacos, farmers markets, bacon, and drive-thru liquor stores.

Adam refuses to consider his creative process a transcendental act of cultural divinity whereby “the poetry of the dancing light inspires the muses to stir my longing soul into the radiant energy of the universe” or any such foolish prattle. Adam makes pictures to keep himself from going crazy. Sometimes people use them to decorate architecture.

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